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Five Furnace Safety Tips for Winter

Furnaces keep homes warm and safe. Because they burn fuel, furnaces can develop problems that cause safety hazards. Follow these 5 safety tips this winter to keep your home protected throughout the season:
Check the Carbon Monoxide Detectors
All carbon monoxide detectors should be tested to ensure proper functions. Carbon monoxide leaks are a threat that can result from malfunctioning furnaces. Fresh batteries should be installed at the beginning of the season.
Test Smoke Alarms
Furnace problems can signal fire hazards. Like the carbon monoxide detectors, smoke alarms need to be tested and fresh batteries are needed.
Get Annual Furnace Check-Ups
Have a professional clean and check your furnace annually. The inspection helps make sure the system is operating proficiently. Some problems to look for include carbon monoxide leaks or frayed electrical wires.
Change the Air Filter
The air filter needs to be changed regularly, every 1 to 3 months, so that the furnace burns efficiently and dust doesn’t circulate through the home. Dirty filters also cause performance and safety issues which may result in furnace failures.  
Keep the Furnace Area Clear
Do not store anything near the furnace, especially flammable materials or products. By keeping the furnace area clear, fire hazards are minimized.
Use these safety tips to protect your home from hazards. To learn more safety tips for operating your furnace this winter, call Mega Air Conditioning.


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