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Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Air conditioning repair
In most places, the summer months bring hot temperatures. This can be good news if you’re looking for some fun outdoor activities, but if you’re stuck at home with a broken air conditioner, it can be downright miserable. Eventually, all air conditioning units will give out and stop working. Fortunately, there are a few warning signs that your air conditioner is about to die.
Lack of Cool Air Blowing
Before an air conditioning unit completely quits, it will usually begin to perform less efficiently. If you notice the air blowing out of your vents is getting warmer and warmer, you’ll know that the system is on life support.
Strange Sounds
Pay close attention to the sounds your air conditioning unit is making. If you notice “clunking” sounds or rattling, it’s a good indication that something isn’t working right.
Unpleasant Smells
Does the air coming out of our vents smell dusty or musty? If so, get a technician to look at your unit right away.
It’s Getting Old
Perhaps the easiest way to tell it’s about time for a new air conditioning unit (or at the very least a repair), is that your unit is getting on in years. Even the very best systems are only good for about 20 years, while most will give up the ghost after 10 years.
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