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Why DIY HVAC Repair Is Rarely a Good Idea

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If something is wrong with your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) unit, then you should not automatically resort to a DIY diagnosis and repair. DIY HVAC repair has inherent risks that may cost you more money than you save. Here are some of the dangers of DIY HVAC repair.

Partial Diagnosis

An HVAC system is a complex electromechanic system. A typical HVAC unit has electrical parts, mechanical parts, and fluids that all work together to heat and cool your house. Most homeowners don't have the skills and experience to handle such complex systems.
Without the right skills, you may not even make the right diagnosis (let alone repair) of your HVAC system. For example, if there is more than one problem with the unit, you might diagnose only one of them. Say dirt has clogged most parts of the unit, and the blower fan is also damaged. You may think that you have solved everything after you have cleaned the unit only to have further problems.

Warranty Voidance

Most HVAC manufacturers, just like other appliance manufacturers, have terms and conditions for their warranties. A common condition is that the owner let only qualified personnel handle certain parts of the HVAC system. Such a condition may apply to sensitive or vulnerable parts of the HVAC system, such as the blower motor.
Therefore, if you take your HVAC unit apart and cause further damage, your manufacturers will not pay for the repairs because you caused the problems on your own. Protect your warranty; let the professional HVAC contractors handle the repairs.

Personal Injury

Even if you do manage to make the correct diagnosis and repair your HVAC unit, you still face a risk of injury to yourself or your household. Here are some of the major ways in which DIY HVAC repair may cause injuries:
  • Electrocution - A mistake in the repair of the electrical parts of the unit may cause a short circuit that may lead to an electrical shock.
  • Refrigerant exposure - The refrigerant in the HVAC system is toxic; exposure to the chemical can cause burns, respiratory ailments, and even stomach upsets.
  • Fire hazard - An electrical mistake might trigger an electrical fire. If you make a mechanical mistake, it might cause the unit to overheat and start a fire. A fire outbreak can easily lead to bodily injuries.
HVAC repairs should be done carefully; they're not something you can just make up as you go along.

Equipment Damage

Many people know that DIY HVAC repair may cause equipment damage, and they're right. What if you trigger a short circuit, damage the delicate fins, or cause a refrigerant leak? You could even make a mistake that causes the compressor to fail. All these are real risks that amateur repairs to the system might cause.  

Lost Time

Another potential problem with DIY HVAC repairs is the amount of time you are likely to take. A professional HVAC contractor has handled lots of HVAC problems, knows the diagnostic steps to take, and has the right tools to fix HVAC units. As an amateur, you probably don't have the right tools or experience and could spend longer on the repairs or have to go to the hardware store because you don't have the right tools.
Without the right skills and experience, you may take a long time to diagnose and fix the problem, or you may not be able to finish the job. You may even get frustrated along the way and give up after you have wasted considerable time. Many people think DIY repair is cheap, but it isn't when the time you spend on the repairs is more valuable than the money that hiring an HVAC technician would cost.
The good news is that you don't have to resort to DIY HVAC repairs because Mega Air Conditioning • Heating & Electrical is here for you. Contact us for a free quote so that we can get your HVAC system up and running again. What is more, we even offer after-hours service so you don't have to suffer uncomfortable temperatures for long anytime your HVAC unit breaks down.

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